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FrontlineKit UK offers a wide selection of top brand Airsoft and Skirmish kit and accessories at competitive prices. Our wide range of combat camouflage clothing and kit is tough enough for every situation. With a wide range of Colour and Camoflague variations. For boots visit our PATROL BOOTS section.

What is Airsoft and Skirmish?

Airsoft is a highly competitive team shooting activity where game players eliminate the opposition with BB replica air weapons called airsoft guns. Similar to paintball, but airsoft pellets do not typically leave visible markings on their target, and hits cannot always be seen. The pellets can sometimes leave red marks on exposed skin. The honesty of the game relies heavily on players who has been hit calling themselves out to a referee.

The airsoft guns are typically magazine-fed, with some having manual spring charged systems similar to Nerf Blasters, or powered by compressed gas cartridges, or even battery-power. Many airsoft guns are designed to work with genuine firearm accessories to make them more realistic. This makes them popular for military and historical reenactments. Unlike paint balling there is regulation of airsoft weapons, where single colour guns which are almost identical to the real thing can only be bought by club members.

Games varies in style and composition, but range from short-term skirmishes, organised scenarios, close quarters battle, wide-field, military simulations or historical reenactments. Mainly played outdoors, but occasionally in special-built centres, combat situations on the battlefield may involve the use of military tactics to achieve the objectives set in each game. Participants attempt to simulate the tactical equipment and accessories used by modern military and police organisations. The majority of clubs have a trained professional with the expertise to offer guidance and safety.

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